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    The Parish of S. Margaret, Hollinwood & S. Chad, Limeside 

    "A worshipping community, sharing God's love with everyone;

    Registered Charity No. 1134150

    Welcome to S. Margaret's Church!

    "'In the Name of God.Amen', these are the opening words of the Consecration Deed of the Church of England Chapel in Hollingwood.The date, July 8th 1769.'" ('The Parish Church of Saint Margaret of Antioch, Hollinwood, Oldham - A Short History 1769 to 1996 by Barry Dainty')

    So begins nearly 250 years of the local church and Christian life here in Hollinwood and Limeside.

    The sketch you see on the right (believed to be Freeman's original drawing) is of the present church. It was preceded by and replaced the earlier building of 1769.  In these past 247 years, many faithful people, pilgrims in the faith, have served their parish church and their community and so in a very real sense, as you turn the pages of our website, and pass this way, you are joining countless others known and unknown, who have discovered the delights of this beautiful parish church and we welcome your virtual visit, and we hope one day you will visit us in the flesh!

    The Parish of Hollinwood & Limeside is in the Diocese of Manchester , the Archdeaconry of Rochdale, the Deanery of Oldham West. We sit in the northeast corner of the Diocese. S. Margaret's is one of a number of churches in the Diocese and in the Deanery, who uniquely find themselves under the alternative episcopal care of the Bishop of Beverley . Unable to accept the ministry of women priests or women bishops, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) in January 2016 petitioned the Diocesan Bishop in accordance with the House of Bishops' Declaration (2014) . The House's Declaration sets out arrangements under which parishes can take advantage of arrangements available to those whose theological conviction leads them to seek the priestly or episcopal ministry of men. Under this, the PCC petitioned the Bishop of Manchester having passed the following resolution: 'This PCC requests, on grounds of theological conviction, that arrangements be made for it in accordance with the House of Bishops' Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests.' For the Parish these means that we shall continue to receive pastoral care from the Bishop of Beverley. That said, the parish has always sought to maintain the closest of links with the Diocese. The Parish is affiliated to Forward in Faith. S. Margaret's has a long and historic catholic tradition. It supports a number of the catholic societies of the Church of England among them: Society of S. Wilfrid and S. Hilda , Additional Curates Society , Church Union . 

    At the heart of our community is S. Margaret's Church. At the heart of all we do, all we say, all we are, is the daily Mass - the Eucharist. The Parish Mass on a Sunday is at 10.30am. Our worship is modern catholic in style, so that as God intended, all of our senses are used in our worship of him, who is Father, Son & Holy Spirit. The Offices of  Readings, Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are also said daily. On the first Sunday of the month, Solemn Vespers & Benediction takes place. Other Mass times can be found on the calendar tab on the navigation bar.and next to it you will find a tab giving our loction and directions.

    We are very fortunate to have our own church school S. Margaret's CofE Primary School which was judged by Ofsted to be a 'Good' school in 2013. We are a Voluntary Aided school "All aspects of our learning are based on the Christian principles of love, faith and hope....our high expectations of behaviour and academic standards supported by our enriching curriculum, committed teaching and support staff enable each child to achieve their best, support each other and above all enjoy their learning and grow in confidence." (Mrs Kathryn Keiran, Headteacher)

    From the earliest of days, S. Margaret;s has passionately stood by and alongside those whom the world and society casts aside and often rejects. We proudly support many charities which are international (The Leprosy Mission , United Society for the Propagation of the GospelChristian Aid); national (Church Urban Fund, Children's Society); and local (Oldham Foodbank, Dr. Kershaw's Hospice),and we readily acknowledge that we often receive so much more from them, than we can ever give them in return. We continue to support through prayer, two communities in El Salvador namely El Tular and Los Claras and hope that these ties will be deepened and strengthened through a local charity Wellspings.

    With an historic building to maintain comes responsibilities - but we are not an ancient redundent monument, nor are we a museum - this is none other than the House of God, the gateway to heaven. We have been most fortunate in recent years to have attracted grants from English Heritage , Heritage Lottery Fund , and National Churches Trust and others which have allowed us to complete three major restoration projects to date: Phase One - the Tower Restoration,  Phase Two - the replacement and restoration of the roofs of the North Aisle, Nave, Transept, Chancel and Sacristy and Phase Three - the reroofing of the Lady Chapel, Chancel (south side), and the Transept (south side).  If you would like to further support the work of restoring our building, please go to the fundraising pages.


    S. Margaret's Church - A Place To Be.Come!

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