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Update 2 - Letter from Fr. Tom Davis

The Parish of Hollinwood, St Margaret and Limeside, St Chad

17th March 2020

Dear Friends,

Many of you will by now have heard about today’s statement from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, announcing that all public worship in the Church of England is suspended with immediate effect and until further notice. This means that nobody will be able to attend Mass or any other act of public worship at St Margaret’s Church. This does not, however, mean that we will be “shutting up shop” completely, let alone abandoning our call to be people of prayer and service to our community.

This is how I propose that we should carry on until the present crisis is over.

With effect from this Thursday, 19th March, I shall continue to offer Mass privately at the usual time each day of the week (that is, apart from Monday). Church will then be open for an hour (or half an hour following the evening Masses) so that people can come in and pray if they wish to do so.

In any event, I ask that while I am offering Mass for you and the rest of the Parish, please unite with me in prayer at those times. Please also take advantage of any options that there are for sharing in worship that is broadcast, for example on BBC Radio 4, or any Masses that are streamed via social media.

There are some links for this on coronavirus page of the Church of England website.

I should add that I will remain on call for the sick and dying should anyone require the services of a priest. In those circumstances, I will of course follow all necessary guidelines as to hygiene and social distance practices.

Please keep an eye on the St Margaret’s website for any updates on the arrangements for continuing our ministry.

Please pray fervently for an end to this crisis and for those who will be especially hard hit, whether physically, spiritually, emotionally or economically.

With my prayers, Parish Priest – Father Tom Davis SSC CF

St Margaret’s Vicarage,

Chapel Road, Hollinwood OL8 4QQ

Telephone: 0161 681 4541 Mobile: 07854 770360

Email: father.tom@live.co.uk