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A Poem by St. Margaret's School



In 1769, 
250 years ago,
St Margaret’s Church was built for worship,
And for God; for people to know

Built for the good folk of Hollinwood,
For them to pray, rejoice, and sing,
To hear Jesus’ message;
Of love to the world to bring

To St Margaret the church was dedicated,
A young lady from long since past,
A romantic tale of fiction;
A faithful Christian until her last

In a place called Antioch,
Did our patron live;
A place far away from here,
For her faith her life she did give

The Devil did appear to her,
As a dragon; so the story goes,
But her faith and courage served her well,
In defeating this evil foe

And so not long after the Church was built,
A school was needed as well,
For the children of the parish;
Whose numbers had started to swell

St Margaret’s school was built then,
Long before all the rest;
The first school in the area,
And still by far the best!

From that day church and school together,
Places to grow and learn and love,
Always knowing that the father;
Is watching from above


The church has changed, as has the school,
Since those days; long ago,
17 priests have come and gone,
From this place so hallowed

In our church there’s lots to see,
The windows tell great tales;
Of Jesus, his life and death and risen again,
The greatest love prevails

Tales of Noah, Moses and the saints,
Of Peter and of Paul;
Each and every one of them,
Answering God’s call
Jesus’ resurrection,
The angels at the tomb;
His ascension into heaven,
The world he did illume

So many have passed through this place,
A place to be baptized and marry,
And no one quite knows the history;
Like our very own Mr Barry!

So whenever we come here;
The short trip over from school;
To pray and sing and be together;
Our faith we give some fuel

Our belief in there being a better way,
A life of forgiveness and love;
A life following the teachings,
Of our father from above

So today is the birthday;
Of our church this special place;
250 years old;
It’s motto we can embrace

Just like our school;
A Place to Become,
Our church; past now and always,
A place to be; Come!

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